Friday, June 19, 2009

Photos from the Trade Show in Madison, Wisconsin...

We sell these great signs...made out of PVC.
These photos were taken before the Trade Show opened.

Not a very good pic. but here are the coffee/tea mugs that we sell...

Looking down our aisle...We're on the left at the front for this show.

My home away from home...

Tee's, Mugs, Signs, Framed Prints...and by God's grace, we're still growing :D

Some family photos: My daughter with the long dark hair.
(I'm cropping out my daughter-in-law cuz she hates this pic.
I hope she does not see this before I get to it. Yikes!!!!!)

My youngest son...All our boys live to fish!

Oldest granddaughter...

Next oldest granddaughter...the "artsy" one! Princess of the Palette.

Oldest son with the sunglasses on his head! He's a great man of faith.
It's very weird because I am very young and yet I have all these old children!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a peek into my world as it is today. We're missing a few grandchildren in this group, but we'll get to them another day.
It was a very good show and we have many new stores carrying my work around the country. If you sell your artwork wholesale you should think about doing this one. NEXT STOP...Pennsylvania!